infant newborn boy photography

This sweet, little newborn baby boy had such a sweet personality. I loved getting to snuggle him and loved his sweet little face. I hope you all enjoy his little debut here as well!  

You’re not allowed to say cheese!

I’ve been photographing the preschool where my kiddos went for about 8 years now I think and I still just love doing it! I do have to say though, I can tell I am getting older after I’m done. I usually feel like I’ve run a marathon and my knees and back ache like a…

big brother smitten with his new sibling

These sweet boys came to see me in my photography studio here in North County San Diego.  I met big brother when he was only a few months old and have been photographing him ever since. I got to meet his new infant sibling and fell in love with him. He reminded me SO much…

3 Tips for a Kick-Butt Photo Session

Step 1. Book an amazingly beautiful (inside and out) mom and her adorable child. Step 2. Have an amazingly beautiful sunset. Step 3. Throw all worries and cares out the window and just play, have fun and splash! These are my tips for one kick-butt photo session. Groundbreaking isn’t it?? I couldn’t have asked for…

Ways to mix cream and white for your own timeless family portrait

If you’re looking to create a timeless family portrait with only 2 colors, you’ve found just the place to look. I just loved this family and loved their session. They had some clouds for their session, but the way those clouds brought out the blues in the sky and the water was just perfect for…

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