Summer Sizzle Discount on Action Set!

Have you been hearing crickets on this blog??? I know, I know, I’ve been so busy. I hope to come out with a new action set this fall though!!

If you’ve been holding out on purchasing the Fresh Blend Action Set recently, wait no more! I am offering a $15 off coupon code through the end of this week. Go HERE to purchase and enter coupon code summersizzle to get $15 off the action set!

And because no post is good without a picture, here is a beautiful couple I recently photographed. I used Caramel Latte on this image and just a smidge of Vintage Crush. I also finished it off by using a very low opacity of Glowy Pop. This couple sure puts the sizzle in summer! 😉

Have a wonderful week!

Creative Processing for Photographers


Hey Photographers! Registration for my ONLINE Creative Processing class through the awesome BLOOM forum is now open! Click on the picture or click HERE to find out more details about this class and how to register. You also get a FREE set of my Fresh Blend actions (value of $50) during the class! Hope to see you there!

A little before and after share!

I just LOVE me some back-lit images, but oftentimes they need a lot of oomph to really make them shine or they can look a little blah. Below is a great example from how you can take a hazy, back-lit image and really make it pop. I used a combo of three actions from my Fresh Blend action set and besides a little levels boost, that was it! Isn’t she a doll???

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I’m still here!!!

Thank you to all of you who have bought my actions and left me nice notes that you are loving them! I hope everyone is finding them easy to use and customize.:)  I am still here, I know I’ve been MIA! I wrote a little bit about why HERE. I also thought I’d share some of those images here as I used my actions exclusively on them! I pretty much only used Caramel Latte and erased back the sky and water. It gives the sand and skin tones a nice warm tone, but erasing back the water and sky leaves it nice and blue. I thought I’d post another discount code if you are on the fence of buying these. . .this might just put you over the edge. Use code justbeachy to save $12 off your purchase. Hurry though, coupon code is only valid until Sunday at midnight PST.

<3 Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!!!



Share day. . .

My Creative Processing Class is coming up over at Clickin Moms! If you are looking to find your creative style and make your own actions, this is the class for you.:)I also include a set of the Fresh Blend actions for all who take the class! Go check it out here!!!

Thought I’d share some recent pictures processed with my actions! I sometimes use a combo of my actions at lowered opacity on pictures and I sometimes just use one on an image at full or lowered opacity.  My favorite right now is Peachy Keen for newborn/child sessions like below.   With the maternity session further below, I used Summer Daze and Caramel Latte.    You may find Summer Daze too strong for head-shots or studio portraits, but I typically lower the opacity down for those if I use that action.  On outdoor images that are back-lit, it works beautifully at full opacity and makes me giddy!   Keep in mind I always correct exposure and white balance before processing creatively.  Hope those of you who have bought them are loving them! I’d love to see some of your examples over on my Facebook Page!
Stay tuned for more shares!

Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen (again!)

Peachy Keen, Caramel Latte, and a smidge ‘o Vintage Crush

Summer Daze and Caramel Latte on all of the three below