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san diego photographer | rhys

The last few babies that have visited my studio have seriously been model babies. And I don’t just mean how they look although they could be model babies too. What I do mean is their parents tell me how they’ve slept through the night from a very early age and how they never cry. I’ve...

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twin baby photographer | one year later

Well, am I long overdue for a blog post or what?!?! I wanted to do a blog post featuring a few pics from many of my most recent sessions, but I remembered that this session I’m posting today was one of my most recent favs, so I thought I’d post a ton and do the...

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san diego baby photographer | my baby

I’m very bad in the sharing of my own kids department lately, but today I managed some fun shots of my littlest when the other two were in school so I thought I’d share. He still destroys, although not as frequently, and he’s still as sweet as sugar.Those dirty feet of his are signature so...

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